The Surprising Benefits (and Pitfalls) of Being a “Jack of All Trades”

In a world of dogmatic specialists, it’s the generalist who ends up running the show. Is the CEO a better accountant than the CFO or CPA? Was Steve Jobs a better programmer than top coders at Apple? No, but he had a broad range of skills and saw the unseen interconnectedness. As technology becomes a commodity with the democratization of information, it’s the big-picture generalists who will predict, innovate, and rise to power fastest. There is a reason military “generals” are called such.

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How to undo (almost) anything with Git

One of the most useful features of any version control system is the ability to “undo” your mistakes. In Git, “undo” can mean many slightly different things.

When you make a new commit, Git stores a snapshot of your repository at that specific moment in time; later, you can use Git to go back to an earlier version of your project.

In this post, I’m going to take a look at some common scenarios where you might want to “undo” a change you’ve made and the best way to do it using Git.

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7 Months

This is a small present for my 7th months son and my first experiment with Final Cut and Motion5.

The end of a pretty relaxing Sunday


The end of a pretty relaxing Sunday.

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Morning rituals

I’ve always been attracted by rituals. I mean rituals done by other people, because I’ve never got one. Starting a week ago I have my own and what you’re reading now is active part of it.

Premise. I’m used to sleep an average of four hours per day and usually I wake up pretty early (sometimes, like today, also at 4am). What I do after waking up? Basically I drink a glass of water and I start reading feeds and updates on my iPhone. I have to be honest, I loose a lot of time.
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