The end of a pretty relaxing Sunday

The end of a pretty relaxing Sunday.

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Morning rituals

I’ve always been attracted by rituals. I mean rituals done by other people, because I’ve never got one. Starting a week ago I have my own and what you’re reading now is active part of it.

Premise. I’m used to sleep an average of four hours per day and usually I wake up pretty early (sometimes, like today, also at 4am). What I do after waking up? Basically I drink a glass of water and I start reading feeds and updates on my iPhone. I have to be honest, I loose a lot of time.
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Kippt2Evernote: import Kippt bookmarks to Evernote

One thing I learnt in San Francisco is that Python is the new credo. I met a lot of techie people saying that Python is the new way, so I decided to explore it doing some experiments; in addition to this, Python is a programming language very close to system administrators (as I am), so I thought that experimenting with it would be a good idea.
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Let’s start

This is my first english post. I’m used to write on wpXtreme (my startup) with the aid of a good copywriter, but here it’s different. I’ve always been afraid to write in english, because my mastery on it is not very brilliant and as someone of you may know, I am a perfectionist.

However the desire of talking worldwide was stronger then my fear of writing in english and, after lot of thinking, I’ve decided to try using my personal blog not only as a way to say what’s passing in my mind or to share experiences, but also as a gym for improving my english. Read More